Domestic and International Long Distance
Residential and Business Solution

India as low as 12.9 per minute

Major Metros:
Chennai (Madras) 12.9/min. Bangalore 13.9/min.
New Delhi 14.9/min. Ahmedabad 14.9/min.
Mumbai (Bombay) 16.9/min. Kolkata (Calcutta) 16.9/min.
Hyderabad 16.9/min. Pune 18.9/min.

Major States:
Gujarat 16.9/min. Kerala 16.9/min. Punjab 18.9/min.
Karnataka 18.9/min. Tamil Nadu 18.9/min.

Mobile Phones (anywhere in India) 16.9/min.

Call the rest of India for just 18.9/min.

US Domestic interstate 4/min.
Canada 5/min.
UK and major Europe 6/min.
Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan 6/min.
Bangladesh: Dhaka - 16 ; Chittagong - 16 ; Rest of Bangladesh - 19/min.

Sri Lanka 24/min.

Pakistan 29/min.

Fiji 31/min.

  • No minimum usage requirements. Talk as little or as much as you like.

  • No term commitments. You can cancel the service at any time.

  • Direct Dial - No Need to Enter Lengthy Pins. (We will rebate your carrier switching costs, if you are charged a fee by your local exchange carrier)

  • Billing options include: Email bill or Paper bill.

  • Payment options include: Automatic charge to your credit card, or You can send us a check when you receive your bill statement.

  • 24 hour customer service.